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Suspension Repair and Radiator Replacement in San Rafael, California

Our team of professionals at Spectrum Automotive are proud to invite residents of San Rafael and neighboring cities to take advantage of our top quality services at. With our years of experience in the industry, we proudly offer residents with the most exceptional results on break repair, air conditioning repairs, clutch replacements and much more. If you find yourself in need of a dependable auto repair shop look no further than Spectrum Automotive. Our competitive pricing, in addition to our reputable mechanics, offers the best results.

Have you recently notice your check engine light come on, but are unaware of the issue at hand? We offer vehicle diagnostics to uncover issues quickly and efficiently. These honest results will provide you with the feedback you seek, and allow us to start working on the problem immediately. When you are in need of a dependable auto repair shop, get in contact with our professionals at Spectrum Automotive. Call now at (415) 483-1246 and schedule your next vehicle inspection today.

Brake Repair Shop


Have you found that you have to push down far to get your vehicle to come to a complete stop? We offer brake repair services to assist you with common issues like worn brakes. We offer services such as strut replacements to provide you with the dependable vehicle that you acquire. It is critical to receive a brake check annually to ensure the safety of you and other drivers on the road!


If your vehicle suspension is worn at the ball-and-joints you may be experience some sort of pulling. This pulling of your vehicle can lead to other issues like swerving or quickly worn tires. Allow our experts to provide you with dependable suspension repairs in your time of need.

Suspension repair
Car AC and Heating Repair

Car AC and Heating

As a leading provider of vehicle repairs, we proudly offer car A/C and heating services too. A common problem we encounter is a lack of Freon, which keeps your air conditioning cool. If you find that your vehicle is blowing an insufficient amount of air, or will not turn on, we can provide you with fast solutions!

Vehicle Diagnostics

With the use of our top quality, vehicle diagnostic services, we proudly offer our clients with fast and dependable results. With our computer diagnostic we can link up with your vehicle to analyze any inefficiencies or damage. This technology allows us to provide our clients with honest and fast solutions to their problems, for quick turnaround.  

Vehicle Diagnostics Service
Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

We assist large companies like Ford, Lexus and Nissan with maintenance work. If you recently purchased a new vehicle and have come across any issues, we can provide you with dependable factory maintenance. It is important to receive routine tune ups and scheduled maintenance to maintain the quality of your vehicle.

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